Post Tour Divide

It been awhile since I have written in my blog and there is good reason why.  I haven’t been doing much in the way of fun, and more in the way of a school-work-eat-sleep lifestyle.  A couple reasons why is one, I am still recovering from my Tour Divide injury, school has taken over my life, and I have bills to pay.  Therefore the big trips have been off my list for about 4 months, although I have been able to fit in a couple days of mountain biking, climbing and camping.  So needless to say for myself the past 4 months have been a real test for me.  It seems like yesterday that I got back from the Tour Divide but it also feels like its been way to long since I have had a good adventure.  

So in order to get back on the bike sooner than later I began addressing issues that have plagued me for the past 4 months.  I have been dealing with chronic knee pain, shoulder weakness due to a small tear in the Supra Spinatus tendon and just feeling out of shape.  So about a month ago I sold my El Mariachi Ti frame.  I got rid of it for fit reasons, the frame was essentially too small for me.  Now I am opting for a custom Ti frame that I was recently fit for, so that’s issue number one taken care of; having a proper fitting bike.  Issue number two is a little harder to deal with.  Back during the Tour Divide my knee dislocation came out ok when I had it checked for tears at the hospital in Montana.  So I continued to ride, not knowing that I actually had a few small tears that the MRI didn’t reveal.  After I gave up on the TDR and had enough rest back at home I started to ride again a few weeks later.  I eventually had to stop riding because the knee pain came back.  I had my knee checked out once more and my doctor found 2 small tears, one in the medial meniscus and the other on my patellar tendon.  Luckily both tears did not require any surgery, but they did require I take a long time off the bike.  So that’s just what I have been doing, for the most part.  

About a month ago I made the decision to actually start some physical therapy, it was taking too long to heal at the time and I was anxious to get riding again.  So now that I have spent the last month being sore I can finally start to see all the hard work from PT coming together.  My knee pain right now is significantly less to non-existent and my shoulder is getting stronger each week.  I am hoping to be back on the bike again sometime in January to start getting ready for this years Tour Divide.  

So looking back on it all I have learned some important lessons.  Taking care of my body and saving some for next time, and knowing that when things go wrong to not let your pride get in the way, sometimes it’s just better to come back next time because it will always be there.  The past four months given me some humility when it comes to pushing things too far.  It has certainly been difficult to sit around and do nothing, but it gave me a chance to look back on the last year and learn some lessons.  


Eric Foster



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