Training Diet-What’s yours?

So here is my diet that I have been following over the past few weeks in preparation for next years ultra races.  So far so good, I am making some progress.  I do deviate from the diet a little bit, but I substitute it with heathy food rather than fast food.

Progress so far

-Week 1

150 pounds, 8% BF, 12 pounds fat, 137.9 lean

-Week 3

151.5 pounds, 7.4% BF, 11.1 pounds fat, 140.4 lean

-Goal by end of week 6

152 pounds, 6.7% BF, 10 pounds fat, 142 lean

I haven’t done this just by following my current diet, I have also been doing weight training and some cardio two times a week.

So here is what I eat everyday (or try to)

Protein: 170g

Carbohydrates:  900 calories

Fat:  600 calories

Meal 1 (0700-0800)

6 egg whites, 2 yokes and a little cheese

1 cup cool quinoa

1/2 cup berries

Meal 2 (0900-1000)

40g whey protein powder

15-20 almonds

1 cup whole milk

1/2 cup green veggies

1 apple

Meal 3 (1200-1300)

Baked Salmon 6 oz

1 cup red potato

2 cups babyleaf salad/spinach

Light balsamic

Meal 4 (1400-1500)

1 cup brown rice or quinoa


peanut butter

Workout (monday and wednesday)

Post Workout

40g whey protein

1 multivitamin

fishoil capsule

joint suplement

Meal 5 (1800-1900)

6 oz chicken breast

1 cup broccoli

1 sweet potato

+2 liters of water per day

So far so good, I may have to eventually increase the amount of calories that I eat on a daily basis once I start training more but for right now this is more than enough food to get me healthy and in shape again.

Just curious what others are doing with their diet for training this year?  Are you changing anything?  I could use some feedback on my diet.

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