The Arizona Trail Race Starts Friday

Below are some useful links if you want to follow the race. I must say I am a little nervous. I know its going to be a major sufferfest. Last year when I finished the AZ 300 I was really glad to be done and not riding another 450 miles. This year I have to. My goal is to finish between 8-10 days, I will not be pushing it super hard the first few days, but will be easing into it with 80-100 mile days. Once I hit the rim where there are cooler temps I will really start to push it hard and try to get in more than 100 miles per day

Some strategies I will be using for the AZTR 750 will be to find cool areas and shade to rest during the hottest parts of the day (or a gas station) in order to use my energy more efficiently when the temps aren’t so extreme, so more night riding. Current forecast show temps in the mid 90’s currently with minimal cloud cover. So this strategy will hopefully help me since I am not conditioned for temps over 85, I use significantly more energy during the heat (I live in Flagstaff, AZ). Unfortunately there will likely be plenty of riding time in the heat, but this is something I can deal with I am just not looking forward to it.

I will also try to get a minimum of 4 hours of sleep, but no more than 6 hrs although sometimes you gotta listen to your body. So therefore I will be riding more in spurts to where I can get away with only 4 hours at a time rather than pushing it for 20+ hours of riding and needing more sleep time, unless there is somewhere I need to be by a certain time like the post office at the South Rim. I think that riding a total of 16-20 hours at a time will be the right amount where I only need 4 hours. For me I also tend to cover larger distances when I ride at a faster pace for less time, then sleep a couple hours and push it some more. So if I can keep a faster pace this year and spend less time on the bike I will have more energy. When I ride at a moderate/slower pace but for many extra hours (esp. when its hot) I tend to need twice as much rest, which slows down my pace.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the start. Happy Suffering!

Tracking Site


Race discussion Forum

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