Pole to Pole Adventure Race Idea

I came up with this seeming impossible idea while riding across the Great Basin Desert during the 2013 Tour Divide race.  As I was riding along I was gazing off into the Wind Rivers Range admiring they’re beauty, they’re size and they’re mysterious pull I felt to explore them, I wondered about all the other mountain ranges in the world and how i could ever explore them all? Miles later I was riding with Jeff Mullen from New Hampshire and we were talking about adventure racing. Well somewhere in the miles I rode with Jeff in the basin I happened to come up with the idea of an adventure race from Pole to Pole. 

If it ever comes to be it will be self supported.  It will be navigated by map and compass(not sure how that’ll work near the poles) only with certain waypoints to reach along the way such as tall peaks, bottoms of canyons, monuments etc.  So pick the quickest and most efficient means of travel between 2 points, that will be up to you.  Means of travel will probably include cross country skiing, mountain biking, hiking/climbing, kayaking/sea kayaking for the ocean sections with no motorized travel. If there are any other obvious means of travel you think would be practical throw it at me. I know it sounds pretty rough, that’s the intention, and the logistics of planning such a race sound like a nightmare, but it’s possible. 

I have been toying with the idea for the past year now, so I guess it’s in its early stages. I have begun to map out a route that would be possible for the North America section, but the Central American portion is where things get fuzzy.  My knowledge of that region is limited to what I can find online, this is where those that have toured that region would be of great help.   A couple friends of mine have expressed interest but they’re the only ones I had mentioned the idea to until now.  How hard could it be to find 10 or so people that would come give it a shot, there’s plenty of nuts out there right?

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